What defines success?  

Everyone has a different definition of success, but the important thing to realize is that with sales, it’s not just about the money. In order to become successful in the industry, you must first grow relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is probably the most important thing to master when it comes to any business. Think of it this way – without customers, you have no business! It’s easy to forget about maintaining relationships after a particularly strong month of sales, but these qualities are sure to keep your customers coming back for more.


Stay Positive

It’s no secret that working in sales is a tough job. Getting turned down is inevitable, but it’s important to learn something from your successes and failures. Learn to accept  that while not every approach will work, all experiences you encounter will give you a new perspective on how to become better every day. Believe that a positive outcome will come. Changing your mindset to this way of thinking will noticeably affect your sales in a great way.

The next time you feel defeated, evaluate the most recent deals you’ve made. Figure out what made your customers say “yes!” Were there any trends? Was there something you didn’t do this time that turned them away? Finding key takeaways from failures and accomplishments will constantly improve your sales approach, helping you to benefit from every situation.


Set Reminders


Not only is it important to stay positive in order to survive in this field, but it’s just as important to remind yourself of WHY you do it.  Not everyone can handle managing a CRM and sales process.  Therefore, there’s a reason why you are in such a field.  When you feel like giving up, try to remember what motivated you to do this job in the first place!

If you find that motivation is lacking, make it a point to schedule at least 15 minutes of time reading things that inspire you. Whether that be reading inspirational quotes, looking at photos of loved ones, or perhaps thinking of those you’ve helped during your career. Even if you’re already aware of what motivates you, take some time for yourself to instill happiness as an automatic pick-me-up.  Whatever you decide to do during that time, focus on motivating yourself so that the next time you feel like giving up, you can easily remind yourself why you won’t.

Virtually Share Your Thoughts


Staying active on social media is a great way to maintain a relationship with existing and future customers. Not only will you become more visible in the virtual world so people can learn more about you, it’s a good way to learn about other people, too.  For example, before you meet a new client look them up and see if you have anything in common.  You’ll be surprised how doing a little bit of research on social media can improve your client meetings.

Use social media to your advantage. Interact with others in your industry. Learn what’s new and keep up with trends. Write your own blogs to enhance your credibility. Reply to tweets or comments to show that you are listening. Take a stab at social selling on LinkedIn. (Learn how Lindsey Boggs tripled her sales business by doing just that!) There are so many ways to not only stay in touch with people online, but to find prospects, too.

No matter what, always keep your customers in mind. Define their needs and how you can make their lives better in order strengthen your relationships.  Plus, it’s another way to keep in contact with clients, leads, and prospects.


Remember That You’re Only Human


You’re going to make mistakes. Everyone does, that’s a part of life. It’s okay to mess up, but take responsibility for your actions. It can be easy to make excuses and put the blame on someone else, but in order to maintain positive relationships with your customers, you must be honest with them. Accountability is a quality that will make you more trustworthy and respectable.

The next time you forget to call someone, make sure you send an apology to that person.  It shows that you are aware of your mistake and that you respect their time. Try personalizing your approach even further by giving them a call rather than text or email. This in turn will strengthen your relationship with them by far.


Stay Confident


Stay confident without being egotistical, thought it’s good to know the difference. The more you know about your business, along with the people in it, the more confident you will appear. Admit when you don’t know something and try to find the answer.  Doing so will also make you look more knowledgeable because it shows that you’re passionate about what you do – and that you’re honest.

In the end, the more you know, the more confident you’ll appear. Before any meeting, remember to prepare and do your research. This will also help ease any nerves when you feel more certain in what you know.


Treat It Like Dating


Think of your first meeting being your first date, minus the romantic stuff. Show curiosity in prospects and ask questions to build rapport. Rather than showing them how amazing you are, ask questions that will help you to better understand what they’re looking for. Don’t try to tell them what you think they need, but rather ask them where they think that they could use some help. In order to keep the conversation going, avoid yes or no answers. Ask questions that require more engagement and open a conversation you can build on.

It’s a good idea to come up with most of the questions beforehand. A good example of these types of questions involves the concept of SPIN selling. Research who you’re connecting with and base your questions on what you already know. As you go, bounce off of their answers with thought-provoking questions to keep the conversation going.


Constantly Communicate


Communication is THE most important part of relationship management. There are tons of articles and books that can teach you better ways to communicate. Every person is different – that’s why it’s important to know who you’re talking to in order to get an idea of how to reach them effectively.

Tip: Schedule calendar times to contact your clients. Even if you have nothing to sell them. Event if you haven’t heard from them in a while. Send a note to see how they’re doing.  It’ll keep you fresh in their memory and it shows them that they are not forgotten and you value their relationship.


“There’s an app for that.”


Ah, the best part of customer relationship management – apps and software are in abundance, designed to make your life easier. In fact, there are tons of them – not just apps but websites, programs, and more. All the above traits are important to remember when dealing with clients. However, there are ways to make things easier on yourself, but it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. We focus solely on helping businesses improve processes with a strong approach to maintaining their customer relationships with the CRM that best fits their needs.  

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