unorganized businessmanWinning over new business doesn’t have to be difficult, but without the right processes in place, sales teams can easily fall victim to a clumsy, unorganized approach that can damage their reputation and cause them to miss out on lucrative opportunities.

Take Tom, for example:

Tom arrived to his desk one morning to be greeted by an email from a new lead he had discovered the previous afternoon.

“Hi Tom, I’d like to learn more about what you have to offer. Can we set up a call to discuss soon? Let me know what works for you. –Mark”

excited businessmanTom’s heart started to beat faster. Yes! This was it! He anxiously typed his response, offering several times that afternoon or the following morning to connect. With a grin plastered across his face, he rose from his desk, deciding that a strong cup of coffee would be the perfect way to kick off an already motivating morning.

As he made his way to the kitchen, he greeted another member of the team, Jen, who was looking slightly more bubbly than usual. He began to tell Jen about his prospect’s email, but she cut him off.

“Tom, I know you’ll appreciate this. Remember that guy Mark? You’d reached out to him yesterday. He actually gave the office a call after you’d left for the day to see if he might catch you, but I took care of him. He’s going to speak with his supervisor about moving forward!”

coworker braggingTom’s heart sank. She had already spoken to him. The email he had been so excited to send Mark this morning would be met with confusion, and he felt sure that Jen’s discussion with Mark had been lacking – he’d compiled detailed notes on how to address Mark’s particular needs. What had they discussed? What were his next steps? Tom knew nothing. It was embarrassing.

Maybe the obvious lack of communication wouldn’t be enough to lose Mark’s business, but Tom’s eager approach could easily be perceived as overly aggressive or unorganized, causing Mark to question whether working together would be a worthwhile investment.

call todayMany companies suffer losses that could have been easily avoided with the right system in place. If Tom’s situation is something you have experienced, it’s time to take a look at how well your team is operating internally. We can help you create a more efficient process.

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