It’s time to update and it’s happening whether we like it or not.

act!-softwareWe are talking about the inevitable Windows 10 update.  It has been around for awhile now, but not everyone has got around to downloading the newest version.  Which is understandable, updates may be helpful, but they are surely a pain to keep up with.  However, this Windows 10 update is not going to be free forever.

Microsoft is determined to reach their goal of having their OS system on 1 billion devices by 2017, and it seems like they will do anything to grasp it.  Including automatically downloading Windows 10 to your Act! software.  

Not to mention, starting July 29th you will have to start paying for the new download.
 Why does this matter to you if you are an Act! subscriber or want to be?  Well if you don’t jump on the bag wagon soon, the Windows 10 takeover is not going to mesh well with any Act! version below Act! V18.  

Why You Need to Act NOW.

act!-on-softwareBefore you click yes to the free Windows 10 download (if it’s before July 29th), upgrading to the newest Act! Subscription needs to happen first.  Do you want to avoid any hiccups with a Windows 10 update?  We’re sure you do, and that’s why we believe setting up an Act! Subscription needs to happen now.  
 By downloading Act! V18 you can prevent any mishaps, since it is compatible with Windows 10.  Plus, the great thing is the newest Act! Subscription is going to be more helpful to you than the older ones.  Act! V18 has fixed past issues by adding new features.  The newest version has received positive reviews and has already solved over 200 issues that came up in the older versions.  Most importantly if you upgrade before June you can save at least 6% since on July 1st, they’ll be increasing the price.



Overall Windows 10 is becoming unavoidable and in order to save yourselves from any more frustration Act! Now.




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