Atlantic Database works with a number of best in class solutions to help you better follow-up on leads and automate your messaging so they’ll let you know when they are ready, willing and able to buy something from you!

An example, would be what we are doing within our company:
– When we update our blog a weekly update is sent out automatically to leads, prospects, customers and networking contacts.
– Our blog also cascades to Social Media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for connections and followers that have grown over time.
– Then periodically we sent out a Campaign Blast on an extended timed or seasonal basis, using the less is more approach so prospects are not overwhelmed.
– For the front end of the sales process we use workflow to automatically send out a nice to meet you note for everyone we meet so nothing falls through the cracks!

In this way we are able to double our business and focus on folks that are ready, willing and able to do business!

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