Are you new to Zoho?


For those who may not know, Zoho CRM, or very little, we are here to give you a quick breakdown in order to better help you decide whether or not it is for you.


What is Zoho CRM?


Zoho CRM is an On-demand software tool that is used to manage customer relations and a more efficient way.  Some of the areas Zoho assists with include marketing, customer support, inventory management functions, sales, etc. in a single system.  


There are several editions that are offered for the Zoho CRM software ranging from free to premium.  Each package has it’s own unique features that are designed to best fit your needs.  Luckily, the software is compatible with most basic system set ups, therefore there are several operating systems and web browsers that work well with the CRM tool.


What is it’s Purpose?


This program is created to help build your relationships with your customers while aiding the business process as a whole.  In order to ensure that your customers are being treated in the best way possible, Zoho can help give insight on their thoughts and help modify any needed operations.  It is designed to help small business especially, solve any issues that come about that involve managing sales and marketing initiatives.  However, there are other pieces that are built to help in other areas too.


What kind of Tools Does it Offer?


There are several tools that are found within the Zoho program including lead management, marketing automation, data analytics, inventory management, customer support, and day-to-day activities.  Of course softwares may differ but those categories have a lot to do with maintaining your relationship with past, present, and future customers.


Who uses Zoho?


If you feel like your business has been doing really well with its sales but is not sure if the system you are using is tracking it well enough, this software might be for you.  If you feel like your sales are hurting because of a poor system, Zoho is also something to consider.  Basically Zoho to help with your Customer Relationship Management so you can increase sales and have time to do more with your business.  If your company is growing, implementing a program like Zoho that helps you stay on track and more organized the CRM software might be exactly what you are looking for.


“In a recent survey we conducted, CRM users ranked the ways a CRM has helped their business. 67 percent said using a CRM system helped them follow up on opportunities and leads and 56 percent said it helped customer relationships because the interactions were accessible in one place.”

Why Would You Need It?

Any business faces day to day challenges.  However, when it comes to opening your own business, a lot of small issues can become big ones if you let them pile up.  Therefore if you find yourself struggling with lead management and marketing practices, Zoho CRM could make your life a whole lot easier.

“70% of respondents said engaging, qualifying and following up with leads was their biggest challenge and 61% said prioritizing and tracking activities and follow-ups for their sales team was also a problem.” –


Other than increasing sales, getting more organized, and having more time to do other things there are many other benefits to implementing Zoho CRM into your business. On top of that the software part of an entire set of applications that are created to help manage your business more efficiently.  Luckily, there are free versions and trials if you can choose from if you are considering this option.