Zoho One Upgrades 2021

11.18.2021 04:27 AM Comment(s) By Allegra

The All-New Zoho One

Zoho is excited to unveil the all new Zoho One! 

Drumroll please...

The most comprehensive software solution packed with powerful applications, smart services, and an extendable platform to run an entire business just got better.

Now with a unified user interface, customizable dashboards, improved services, new features, and much more... Zoho One has never been more user-friendly. 

Experience the Unified Operating System Now:

Zoho One Logo
New Interface of Zoho One

One Unified User Interface

Now, all the power of Zoho One is located in one browser tab. You can manage your entire business and launch applications from one place.

Customize Dashboard

Customize Your Dashboard

When every business is unique, why should all BI Dashboards look the same and track the same metrics? With Zoho One's customizable dashboard, you can view and arrange all the data your business needs with the help of our 50+ smart widgets.

Quick Access Sidebar

Quick Access Sidebar 

Zoho One's sleek new sidebar provides easy access to your favorite apps and services. This makes it simple to create useable app groups... A powerful operating system needs a versatile companion! 

Centralized Calendar

Centralized Calendar

A better way to organize your business meetings. Now, you can sync all your appointments across applications, allowing you to quickly create meetings and share the details with your team.

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