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We ensure that your sales process is not leaking by providing the most effective sales process and marketing automation available at half the cost!

At Atlantic Database, we determine how your business can save time and money, increase market awareness and turn your CRM into a money-making sales machine.

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Your sales team will be able to collaborate and share information in real time with reliable and affordable CRM software hosting.

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Looking for a better way to manage and grow your business? Customer relationship management (CRM) software makes all the difference. We specialize in helping you organize, automate, and nurture the marketing efforts that deliver the best results possible.

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We focus on listening to how you currently run your business and uncover simple ways to save you time and money. Our free online books and courses are designed to make sure you get the most out of your CRM software.

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Even with the best training, you may find the CRM process confusing. We provide a variety of resources to help you if you get stuck – including options like reference websites, groups and one-on-one support – so you’re never left in the dark.

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