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Zoho IT and Office apps keep business secure and productive

What are the essential Zoho apps for IT departments?

Zoho apps help IT departments easily troubleshoot and support customers through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions that are completely secure and reliable.  Zoho also offers a web infrastructure monitoring service, Site24x7,  to remotely monitor websites and services for uptime and performance.

What types of productivity apps does Zoho offer?

Zoho has a variety of online apps to help you create, collaborate and communicate, including apps for:

• Creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations; 

• Online file sharing and team review;

• Hosting meetings, conferences and webinars;

• Storing encrypted passwords for individuals and teams; and

• Connecting your team through online chats, forums and feeds.

What is Zoho Workplace?

Zoho Workplace is a bundle of office apps that provide a complete set of tools needed for workplace communication and collaboration. Learn More