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Our Atlantic Database consultants listens first and then recommends the most appropriate solution, drawing on the entire Zoho One suite of products. Through our Zoho partnership, we take the time to learn your business, helping you to automate your business, decrease your costs, and increase your sales - all at the same time!

Consulting Process

As experts in the field, you can rest assured that you will receive quality and prompt service, empathy for your problem, active listening to what you need to succeed and wisdom to guide you in setting a better sales process. 

Free Assessment – 30 minute, complimentary review to determine next steps.

Needs Analysis – Current Process, Bottlenecks and Alternatives, Timeline, Proposal

Development – Prototype, Conversion/Import Data, Test, Review, Feedback, Refine

Implementation – Preconfiguration, Installation, Integration, and Training

Support – User Requests, Maintenance, Project Review, Continuous Improvement

Expert Practice Areas

Business Process Analysis – Identify Bottlenecks and Time Saving Alternatives through Automation

Database Development – Conversion/Import, Clean-up, Customization, Business Process Automation

System Set-up – Pre-configuration and Installation, Configuration

Integration – Accounting/ERP, Smartphone, Voice Over IP, Website, Social Media

Website – Design, Development, SEO, Integration and Maintenance

Social Media – Blueprint Planning, Set-up

E-marketing – Campaign Development and Monitoring, Custom Signatures

Training – Remote or Face-to-Face, One-on-One or Team

Support – Troubleshooting and Maintenance