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Sales Process

Atlantic Database ensures that your sales process is not leaking by providing the most effective sales process and marketing automation software available.

Sales Automation
Replace your patchwork of cloud applications, legacy tools and paper-based processes with one operating system for your entire business - Zoho One.
Zoho CRM Overview

This video will introduce you to the basics of Zoho CRM, software that helps streamline your organization's sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory.

Digital Marketing
This video will introduce you to Digital Marketing using the Zoho suite of modules, including Sites, Blog, SEO, Campaigns, Social, and Analytics,
Zoho Campaigns Overview

This video introduces Zoho Campaigns, a robust email marketing app with easy-to-use templates, a custom template builder, email sequencing automation, tracking, reports and more!   A must-have for your digital marketing strategies!


This video introduces Zoho Commerce and how it enables you to take your business online, including accepting orders, tracking inventory, processing payments, managing shipping, marketing your brand, and analyzing your data.

Zoho Books Overview

This is a quick tour of Zoho Books, accounting software to record and manage sales and purchase transactions, collect and reconcile payments and much more!

Zoho Inventory Overview

This video introduces Zoho Inventory, a cloud-based application tailored to meet all your order management needs and exponentially expand your business.