Atlantic Database - New Webinar Series Announced

01.11.2023 02:44 PM Comment(s) By Pete

Keep it simple right?  Atlantic Database uses a 3-Step Model that focuses on Sales Enablement, Digital Marketing Activation, and Business Workflow Automation.  Using this approach we have realized a 10% increase in Sales in a 6 month period, decreased operational costs by up to 50% and boosted our target market awareness of our solution offerings by 10 times.  Interested in learning more and how to apply to your business?

Sales Enablement

- Cost-Effective CRM system, aligned with your Sales Process, Easy to Generate Quotes, Focus on Closing Business, Follow-up!

Digital Marketing Activation

- Omni-channel approach using Lead Journey with touch points including Email Campaigns, Social Media, Website, SEO, PPC, Blog, Ecommerce, and Analytics.

Business Workflow Automation

- Everything you need to do before, during and after the sale. Instead of relying on time-consuming manual processes (i.e. email, paper and spreadsheets), automate them! Areas include Lead Management, Sales Funnel, Quotes, Telephony, Sales Tax, Field Sales, Customer Portal and more.  Zoho One is pre-integrated and can be further automated depending on need and works with best in class 3rd party solutions.

Okay might appear like a lot to consider but we like to keep it simple and apply just  what you need, one step at a time!

Want to learn how to Ignite Your Sales with Zoho One?  Click on the link below!
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