Zoho One Turns 5 Years Old!

11.15.2022 07:37 AM Comment(s) By Allegra

Five years ago, Zoho introduced Zoho One: the enterprise-grade software affordable for businesses of all sizes. Why? Because the business software landscape was crowded, the pricing inflated, and Integration was next to impossible. Piecing together software from multiple vendors was akin to solving a jigsaw puzzle.  So, Zoho launched as an all-in-one suite comprising 35+ cloud applications for an unbelievably low price.

Zoho continues to expand the app suite—investing in R&D, adding applications, and building integrations—thanks to constant feedback from customers and partners. Then came the pandemic. While Coronavirus threw many businesses off balance, Zoho was happy to assist in the need for digital transformation.

Today, Zoho One caters to 48,000+ businesses. Companies and organizations continue to overcome adversity and stay resilient by leveraging the extensive capabilities of the Zoho One suite.

Let’s take this 5th anniversary to reflect on milestones and product highlights of Zoho One’s path to being the operating system for business.
  • In 2017, Zoho One launched as an all-inclusive platform to empower sales, marketing, finance, support productivity, and collaboration needs. The next year the unified experience strengthened by updating the AI and BI layer across the suite while focusing on data security and privacy. Zoho Concierge was introduced to offer expert guidance, and Zoho One mobile app launched. 
  • In 2019, Zoho Marketplace amplified interoperable capabilities, and a list of applications to integrate with the site were created. Yubikey for MFA and Phonebridge made calling available. Dashboards improved and Zia search enhanced. And this has opened the possibility for calls via RingCentral, an extension we are proud to offer at Atlantic Database!
  • In 2020, Zoho One became remote work friendly to help businesses succeed through the pandemic, adding 15+ features. Bookings, Bigin, and Payroll were added. 
  • Last year, Zoho One’s new unified user-interface launched with customizable dashboards. Four more apps and an e-commerce builder joined the suite. This update strengthened Zoho One to create a unified experience for users around the world.

Looking toward the future, Zoho One is committed to even more effective updates, enhancements, and widgets to continue elevating the experience of the end-user.  Five years of growth and development make way for an ever-advancing streamlined Zoho One!

Learn how you can Ignite Your Sales, be a Digital Marketing Hero, and Automate Your Business with with Zoho One!
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